Is DaJuan "Rico" Dawson Crazy

DaJuan "Rico" Dawson: Crazy yeah some call me crazy they say i'm in a fantasy world. but if that's what you think i i'm so bee it. It's a lot of things i don't like in this world. and by me being in the position of power that i'm in I will/did (whenever this is read) see the world how i want to. If it's broke fix it. so with that being said you haven't seen nothing yet because i don't do this to just bee the richest man in the world i do this so everyone in LostCity has a better quality of life and will be able to provide for their kids etc and not live check to check.

the ferocious MC, an auspicious actor, a trend savvy designer, a visionary
  a man so beautiful he makes you wanna touch the screen, the photograph . He makes you wanna see those teeth that smile, that laugh, the wet sweet wild eyes, the beauty mark lips, the lashes like fans like feathers on his pecan skin. He makes you want to kill him, defend him, make him your baby. He dares you to find the lies, to prove he's crazy. DaJuan keeps you searching, even now, for the line between him and the him he put out there for you to see, for the line between being and acting, between how one rolls through life and how one rocks the business world. Crazy mofo. Coward. Sucker. Sexist. F*@k Boy, Pussy Nigga, Bitch,  Sex symbol. Superman. Provocateur. Hero. American Entrepreneur, Recording Artist, Voiceover Artist, Record Producer, Model,  Actor, Personal Stylist, Event planner Business Developer,  Philanthropist and Non Profit organizer 

Crazy, right?

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