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DaJuan "Rico" Dawson (born August 26, 1982) In Detroit, Michigan also know by other brands JuanRicoJesus RulesJuanRico AcademyDawson Enterprises, and LostCity. Is an american Entrepreneur, Recording Artist, Voiceover Artist, Record Producer, Model,  Actor, Personal Stylist, Event planner, Fashion Designer, Business, real estate Developer and Publisher. Based in Atlanta, Georgia will work in other locations. so welcome to the site hope you enjoy and find the answers your looking for. 


Is DaJuan "Rico" Dawson Crazy 

DaJuan "Rico" Dawson: Crazy yeah some call me crazy they say i'm in a fantasy world. but if that's what you think i i'm so bee it. It's a lot of things i don't like in this world. and by me being in the position of power that i'm in I will/did (whenever this is read) see the world how i want to. If it's broke fix it. so with that being said you haven't seen nothing yet because i don't do this to just bee the richest man in the world i do this so everyone in LostCity has a better quality of life and will be…

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